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    We specialize in Reflexology (Foot and Hand), Reflexology Lymphatic Drain, Alternative Therapies, Muscle Testing, Energy Healing, Soul Link and Awareness in Consciousness, Essential Oils.

    Reflexology Lymphatic Drain (RLD) is an award-winning procedure to reduce swelling caused by cancer treatments, surgery, and lymphedema. It is now proven to reduce most inflammation within the body which includes sinus congestion. Lorri is the Only certified RLD practitioner in the state of Minnesota.
    Soul Link neutralizes negative memories, content-free, in less than 2 minutes. The memory itself may or may not go away completely but the 'charge' of the memory is neutralized allowing you to heal.


    • Reflexology
    • Reflexology Lymphatic Drain
    • Energy Healing
    • Soul Link


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    Feet of all sizes and shapes are welcome
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    Lorri Kulberg

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