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  • Donate to Help Feed the Swans

    The funding for purchase and delivery of corn to feed the waterfowl viewed at Swan Park for the past 25 years was paid in its entirety by Sheila Lawrence with the generous help of a few of her close friends and countless Swan Park visitors.  Contrary to what you may believe no financial support is provided by any municipal or state agencies.  Since Sheila’s passing a foundation had been created to continue her legacy and to promote and grow this Monticello winter treasure.  If you would like to help continue the growth of this flock of Trumpeter Swans you may do so my making a donation to the Swan City Heritage Foundation. (A 501(C)(3) Non-profit status has been granted) Send your payments to;

    Swan City Heritage Foundation
    PO Box 192
    Monticello, MN 55362.

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  • Medallion Hunt

    The Medallion was found today, January 6th, 2012!! Thank you to all that parcitipated. Come to the Station Bar & Grill tomorrow January 7th, at 6pm for the awards and reception!

    Clue 1:  A gold medallion as nice as me, need extra protection I’m sure you will see. What’s circled around me, you eventually will see, is also helping to protect a tree.


    Clue 2:  If Horace Greeley was visiting downtown, his famous quote of some renoun, would help you get pointed in the right way and start you toward where I decided to stay


    Clue 3:  You are getting closer I am betting if you are surrounded by pine, hardwoods in a prairie setting.  I am wrapped in plastic with a note just for you, but don’t look in the tall grass, I am not in plain view.

    Clue 4:  When the settlers arrived where I can be found, the area no doubt was good hunting ground. Now, if you hear shots afar it’s marksmen practicing their aim. They can be heard from where I’ll be claimed.

    Clue 5:
      Near the shore of the Mississippi, pass through the gate, Everyone is racing to find me so you better not be late.  I’m tucked up near something that is still growing. Come close and see the black protection that is showing.

    Clue 6: Montissippi Park is where you will find me. Down by the dock by the lonely elm tree. Where I am at you need not go far once you’ve arrived and parked your car. 

    **If you find the Medallion please come to The Station Bar & Grill on Saturday, January 7th at 6pm to receive your prize!

  • Geocache Search


    January 1st- 7th, 2012

    Welcome to the Monticello Chamber of Commerce Geo-cache Hunt for 2012.  Before you begin, be aware that due to lack of snow I have carefully hidden the caches in locations that are not easily noticeable.  You will have to be creative in your hunt.  Some of course are easier than others.  If you get stuck, but want to continue, visit our website on Wednesday for hints and clues to the first 2 sites, Thursday will have 2 more clues, Friday 2 more. Please do not give up to easily, that’s part of the fun.  Please be courteous and return the cache as you left it for the next seeker.  At G4, there is a bonus cache nearby.  You do not need to locate the bonus cache to continue, but if you are the first to find it, there is cash waiting for you.  All who search, please come to the Station bar & Grill on Saturday evening at 6:00 PM to be recognized.  Also it will give you an opportunity to SMACK me for being a little trickier this year.  Good Luck.
    Clue #1   N 45 17 823    W 93 46 254

    January 4th, 2012 Clue....

    G1 location :       You’ve found Swan park, and survived the ride, it’s not what’ on the sign, but what’s inside.

    G2 Location:       This is a tough one as both items are white, you can see the wire, but the cache is out of site.

    G3 location:        Softball park, Home runs go here. But so does garbage, and empty cans of beer.

    G4 location:        Adventure seekers and hikers come here often,  cache is near stones and Frisbee coffins

    G5 location:    Kmart parking lot, for people in need,  You’ll need to kneel for this cache to read
    G6 location:    Just a slip of paper, near the juice. Tells you where to find the cache you silly goose

  • Reception & Awards

    Recption at The Station Bar & Grill (513 Pine Street, Monticello) Following the Frostbite Activities starting at 6pm