• Monticello All Night Grad Party Needs Our Help

    Every year, there is an all night grad party for graduating seniors from Monticello High School. The party is held immediately after the graduation ceremony.  The new graduates are able to play games, win prizes and just be together.  This year, the hope is that they will still be able to have the party in some form. They are considering five different party options, so it may not look the same as it has in the past.
    In order to hold the party, they rely on donations. The goal for this year’s party is $25,000. In a typical year, MANGP raises over $20,000 to host the party. More than three-fourths of that money goes back to the seniors in the form of cash and prizes and the remaining goes to entertainment for the party.  90% of the prizes are bought locally. As you can imagine, many of the fundraising events that have been done in a typical year, have not been able to happen.
    This year, there are numerous ways to donate.
    1) Drop off a check at Liberty Bank in Monticello and indicate the donation is for the Monticello All Night Grad Party.
    2) Send your donation to paypal.me/Monticellograduation
    3) Mail your check to MANGP  P.O. Box 683 Monticello, MN 55362
    4) Buy a frozen pizza from your favorite senior! Seniors are currently selling pizzas from Pizza Ranch that will be delivered by them the week of April 11th.

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