Mission Statement:

    As Ambassadors for the community of Monticello, it will be our goal to promote community spirit, involvement, and pride.  The Ambassadors will serve as public relations liaisons to the community of Monticello and will meet, greet, and share information about our community with others. 

    2018-2019 Royal Ambassador Handbook

    Candidate Recruiting

    Each year in mid–December, and again in the spring, the Monticello High School holds two Candidate Recruiting Days.   They partner with the Monticello Royal Ambassador Program in putting on these events.  Our current Royal Ambassadors, along with a chaperone from the Monticello Royal Ambassador Committee, visits the school during the lunch hour blocks.  An informational table is set up and young ladies have the opportunity to watch a short video, obtain information, pick up a pamphlet, ask questions and receive information on the process to become a Candidate.  Senior girls who have an interest in participating can sign up to attend the Candidate/Parent Informational Meeting held in mid to late March by simply writing their email address on the sign-up sheet.   There is no commitment to be in the program on Candidate Recruiting Days, only contact information shared to state you have an interest and would like more information as to the dates and time of the Candidate/Parent Informational Meeting.  When the Candidate/Parent Informational Meeting is scheduled an email with time, date and location is sent to all names on the sign-up sheet.  This meeting is also promoted on the Monticello Royal Ambassador Program Facebook page.

    Candidate/Parent Information Meeting

    The Monticello Royal Ambassador Program typically holds two separate Candidate/Parent meetings to give the Candidate and parents an option in their schedules.  We find that in today’s busy world and family life, flexibility is important.

    At the Candidate/Parent Meeting the Monticello Royal Ambassador Committee, along with Chamber staff, gives a brief overview of the program, hands out general information and goes over frequently asked questions.  Candidate expectations, as well as the business sponsor’s expectations of a Candidate, are reviewed.  Current and Past Royal Ambassadors, as well as past Candidates, are invited to speak on their Candidacy/Royal Ambassador experiences.  Business sponsors also give a brief overview of their expectations of these young ladies as a Candidate.  At the conclusion of the meeting, there is a question and answer period for prospective Candidates and parents and a set date, time and location for official sign up meeting to become a Monticello Royal Ambassador Program Candidate is announced.  The official sign up date is usually scheduled a week later so it gives sufficient time to make a decision.


    The Monticello Royal Ambassador Program highly encourages the young ladies to be proactive, put themselves out in the business community, by taking it upon themselves to ask a business sponsor if they have an interest in sponsoring them as a Monticello Royal Ambassador Candidate.  No young lady is turned away from being a Candidate if they do not have a business sponsor.  The Monticello Chamber has an ongoing list of business sponsors who are eager to give a young woman in the Monticello community an opportunity to participate in this program.

    There are two options in regard to business sponsors:

                    Option one:  Candidate can sign up and already have a business sponsor.

                    Option two:  Candidate can sign up and a business sponsor will be provided.

    The process that takes place for those young ladies who do not have a business sponsor when they officially sign up to become a Candidate is as follows:   The Candidate’s individual information sheet and  contact information, along with a photo of the Candidate, is placed in a sealed envelope.   Members of the Monticello Royal Ambassador Committee and/or Chamber Staff brings the group of sealed envelopes to each business where the Sponsor randomly chooses an envelope.  As each business sponsor opens the envelope they chose, the Royal Ambassador Committee/Chamber staff records the name of the Candidate in the envelope on the log connecting the Candidate to her business sponsor.   Each business sponsor is then informed of the date & time of the upcoming Candidate/Sponsor Meeting.

    Candidate/ Sponsor Meeting  

    The Monticello Royal Ambassador Program schedules and sets up a “Meet your Candidate” evening.  This is where the Candidate formerly meets their Sponsor and Sponsor meets their Candidate.  All Candidates are officially introduced up front and their business sponsors are revealed.  The Candidate and Sponsor then sit together at their individual assigned tables to relax and enjoy a light meal.  During this time, the Candidate and Sponsor have an opportunity to get to know one another, exchange contact information, set up a date/time for a tour of the Sponsor’s business and schedule an interview with the Sponsor to obtain pertinent information on the history and operation aspects of the business.  This information will be used by the Candidate in the speech she gives about her business sponsor at the Judging Reception. The Monticello Royal Ambassador Committee requires each Candidate to present their speech to the Sponsor for review before the Judging Reception.

    At the Candidate/Sponsor meeting, the Monticello Royal Ambassador Committee hands out copies and goes over information in regard to Candidate responsibilities and expectations, as well as the business sponsors responsibilities and expectations.  Specific event dates that require a business sponsor representative to attend and a complete Candidate Schedule of Events are handed out, starting with this meeting through Riverfest Sunday.  Business sponsors are invited to attend any of the public or educational events during the Candidate Experience. We encourage them to take this opportunity, step forward and be involved with their Candidate during the Candidate Experience. Unfortunately, this does not always happen.

    In the unlikely event there is a conflict of interest when placing a Candidate with a business sponsor, the Monticello Chamber reserves the right to resolve the issue by respectfully and professionally working to exchange the business sponsor and Candidate with another.


    The judges are drawn from a pool/list of official, creditable and professional judges.  Judges serve on a rotating basis.  These judges are trained individuals who have numerous years of experience.  Some are affiliated with the Minneapolis Aquatennial, the St. Paul Winter Carnival and/or have judged a wide variety of community festivals throughout the state of Minnesota.   

    The judges are paid individuals who know and understand all aspects of their position.  With their years of judging experience in community festivals, each judge has their own criteria they follow when judging.  Judges are always selected from outside the Monticello area and have no connection to the Monticello Royal Ambassador Program.  The Monticello Royal Ambassador Program does not endorse any Candidate to the judges. 

    In regard to the judging evaluations on Candidates, the results are not shared with the public or with the Monticello Royal Ambassador Committee or Monticello Chamber.  This information is kept private and confidential between the judges.   In the event a Candidate has a question in regard to her judging evaluation, she should personally contact the Monticello Royal Ambassador Program at which time specific protocol will be followed to contact the judges on her behalf. 




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