• About Us



    Marcy Anderson and Marie Jones are here to serve as the voice of the business community. The Monticello Chamber of Commerce and Industry works to accomplish what no individual or single business can do alone. The strength of any organization lies in its membership and when you become involved as a Chamber member in the business community you have invested yourself in an active network of resources that allow you to share business ideas and work to improve the business environment in your community.

    Monticello Area Chamber represents a broad base of business from corporate to home-based, from industrial-driven manufacturers to the service and professional sectors.

    Our membership consists primarily of Monticello businesses with additional memberships joining from neighboring communities. With this blend, comes the expertise and skills available from a variety of business backgrounds. Monticello Area Chamber of Commerce and Industry works to bring the business community, government and schools together as one unit to make use of available resources, assets and talents to build a better future.