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    Simply put, JK Property Service offers snow removal and lawn care services for commercial and residential properties. But, we stand out from the crowd in several different ways.

    First, we offer 100% organic fertilizers. These are kid and pet safe from the time they are first applied. It is a granular product that will not stain your walks or driveways. We still offer the standard fertilizers however, there is a growing desire for products that deliver results with less harm to the environment, and we try to stay on top of these trends.

    Second, we strive to have great customer contact. Coming from a fast paced customer service background we understand that keeping our customers informed is a key to keeping them happy. In the event of any service delays due to weather or anything else, we will email and let them know why and when we will be there.

    The third area that sets us apart from other companies is our ability to plow and blow the snow. We are uniquely set up with a tractor and an 8 foot scraper box on the rear as well as a snow blower on the front. The scraper box allows us to back right up the garage doors, curbs, loading docks etc, and pull the snow away. Once the snow is out of the way we can blow it onto grassy areas or into large piles. This means fewer call backs for snow "push backs" and that means lower costs to our customers. For larger areas we have a truck and plow.

    We look forward for the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your needs.


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