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Puzzle Palooza

The Monticello Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosts the Puzzle Palooza, a Jigsaw Puzzle Competition held twice a year. Here’s what you need to know about this engaging event:

  • Quad Teams: Teams of up to four people can participate. Their challenge is to complete a 500-piece puzzle as swiftly as possible. The team that conquers the puzzle with lightning speed will claim the coveted first place, followed by second and third place.
  • Pairs Competition: Simultaneously, pairs of up to two people will compete alongside the quads in the same room. Their task is to assemble a 350-piece puzzle in record time. The pair that outpaces the rest will secure the top spot, with second and third places following suit.
  • Fun for All: Whether you’re spending the day with friends or family, the Puzzle Palooza promises an enjoyable experience. Just remember that teams cannot exceed four members.
  • Registration: The registration fee is per team, and only one person from each team needs to register. Space is limited, so early sign-up is recommended!

Rules & Regulations:

  • Teams get to keep the puzzle they worked on.
  • Contestants receive their puzzle at check-in, and all puzzles are opened simultaneously.
  • Hands-only policy: No puzzle tools, cutting devices, flashlights, or phones allowed.
  • Judges monitor progress and record finishing times.
  • Winners are announced promptly after the competition.

Additionally, there’s a Puzzle Swap—bring a puzzle, take a puzzle! Gather your friends and join this fun filled Jigsaw Puzzle Competition!

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