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    We welcome you and invite you to explore the benefits and opportunities to be gained from being a member of this fast growing, vibrant business organization.  The Monticello Chamber is a member driven business organization that provides value and support to our members. The goal of our Chamber is to continually represent, support and enhance all business sectors in the Monticello area. We strive to strengthen communication among business, industry, school, government, service organizations and area residents.  As a Monticello Chamber member, you can:

    Build relationships and make new contacts to grow your business.

    Market your business through various electronic opportunities and at in person events

    Become involved in important public policy and improve the business climate in your community, county, and state. 

    Develop your professional skills and knowledge

    Contribute your time, expertise and other resources to create a stronger local economy 

    Take advantage of other member benefits, services and communications


  • Two Ways to Join

    1) If you are interested in talking about all your opportunities and benefits within the Monticello Chamber, call us at

    763-295-2700, or e-mail info@monticellocci.com. We welcome you to stop by the office if you would like to talk to us in person. 118 W 6th St, Suite B, Monticello, MN, 55362.

    2) If you are ready to join right now, complete the online application.  
    Monticello Chamber membership is based on the number of full-time equivalent employees in your organization.

      Online membership application



    Annual Investment

    1 Employee (Owner)


    2-5 Employees


    6-10 Employees


    11-20 Employees


    21-30 Employees


    31-50 Employees


    51+ Employees


    Second Business; Two or more businesses, same owner $129.00

    Non-profit Community Organizations (1-10 employees)


    Non-profit Community Organizations (11-50 employees)


    Non-profit Community Organizations (51+ employees)


    Special Manufacturing/Industrial Rate (1-25 employees)


    Special Manufacturing/Industrial Rate (26-50 employees)


    Special Manufacturing/Industrial Rate (51+ employees)



    Pre-Paid Lunch Convenience:

    One-year pre-paid lunches (Per person)






    Monthly Networking Events-

    Business After Hours:  (2nd Wednesday Monthly) Business after Hours provides an opportunity to network with area businesses in a non-structured, intimate environment.  Each month a different business member hosts an on-site evening of networking, tours, delicious food, and cash bar. Business after Hours is open to all members, their employees, and guests. Join us for a great business to business networking opportunity from 4:30-6:00 pm the 2nd Wednesday of the month.  (Meetings will not be held during the busy months of June, July and August.  Enjoy your summer and we will catch up with you in the fall.)

    Chamber Lunch:  (3rd Tuesday Monthly) Monticello Chamber’s monthly networking event.  Educational speaker provided for each luncheon. Check the calendar each month for topic information.  $20 per person/includes meal.  Lunch Buffet/Registration/Networking begins at 11:30 am; Program begins shortly after 12:00 (Announcements, member introductions & Speaker).  No July Meeting

    Special Meeting: 3rd Tuesday of October. 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. National guest speaker and upscale meal. 

    Good Morning Monticello (4th Wednesday Monthly) This event gives members an opportunity to meet other members face to face and socialize in a fun, relaxed atmosphere before the regular working day. Attendees are encouraged to make an announcement about anything they choose-a celebration, business promotion, introduce new employee, etc. when we go through introductions. 

    Treasure Chest Drawing: Chamber staff gathers items valued above $20 from Chamber businesses. Businesses receive advertising for their donations whenever the Treasure Chest is announced.  Each Chamber business’ name will go into a drawing.  If your business name is drawn and you are present, you win the entire Treasure Chest!! 


    Quick links to important opportunities:

    Member Benefits

    Event Sponsorship Opportunities 2023

    Clip & Save 2023 Schedule




    Maximize Your Membership

    Encourage others in your company to become involved in Monticello programs and activities. The more you and your coworkers utilize the Chamber’s resources, the greater return on investment you will see.

    Tell your nonmember colleagues and associates about joining Monticello Chamber. As our membership numbers grow, so do your opportunities and benefits as a Chamber member.

    As with most things, you get out what you put in. When you get involved, be visible and help others succeed in their efforts, you'll see the return on your investment.

    It takes time, commitment and patience to build solid relationships that will improve your bottom line. Stick with it!

    Monticello Chamber offers exclusive benefits for members and their employees

    Businesses today are looking for opportunities to promote business with the least amount of resources.  In today's economy, we have once again seen a larger emphasis on networking and face to face communication.  Therefore, the Monticello Chamber offers numerous face to face networking opportunities throughout each month.  Members are encouraged to participate as often as possible as a way to promote their business, meet other business and community leaders, and learn more about Chamber programs and services. Check out our Calendar of Events for the next Chamber Lunch, Good Morning Monticello, Business after Hours and so much more.

    Maybe you are seeking community involvement. Our Chamber offers opportunities for businesses to promote themselves throughout the year; watch for events like our Chamber Golf Tournament (May), Walk ‘N Roll (June), Party in the Park (July), Riverfest Activities & Parade (July), Royal Ambassador Activities (all year), Taste of Monticello (July), Riverside Art in the Park (July), New Teacher/Staff Bags (August), Downtown Trick or Treat Event/Monticello Chamber & Monticello Community Center (October) and our Annual Banquet (December).

    Economic Development is another priority and strength for the Monticello Chamber.  Chamber staff continues to work closely with local, county and state organizations on economic development for the betterment of all entities alike to create job growth and business expansion in today's technologies.  We continue to look for opportunities to partner with organizations and others to strengthen the overall business climate.  Your membership helps support our work in this area.

    The strength of the Monticello Chamber of Commerce lies in its membership and when you become involved as a Chamber member in our business community you have invested yourself in an active network or resource that allows you to share business ideas and work to improve the business environment in the Monticello community. 

    If you have any questions, please call us at (763) 295-2700 or e-mail us at info@monticellocci.com.



    Membership Pathway: Unlock all of the benefits and opportunities your membership investment has to offer

    Join us for an in depth look into database management of your online presence on the Chamber's website. From updating your employees, contact information for your business and reps, plus managing payments. We will also review all of the benefits included with membership. Such as, advertising public and member to member deals, listing multiple job postings, Chamber directory, website, Facebook & Instagram presence, display racks in the office, Treasure Chest, three monthly networking opportunities and countless larger events throughout the year.

    If you're thinking about joining the Chamber, or you're already a member and just need a quick refresher, read below for an overview of what you can do with your membership. Prospective and current members are also welcome to attend our two-hour Member Orientation sessions, typically held once a month. 



    Advertising Opportunities

    • Chamber’s Website/Member Webpage
    • Display Racks in Chamber Office: Display your brochures, pamphlets, and business cards.
    • Electronic Monthly Newsletter

    Listing/Advertising in Chamber’s Directory

    Chamber’s Website/Member Webpage: Keep your listing on the Chamber’s website current at all times! Login and update your own listing and personal webpage. Add a logo, staff photos, Banner advertisements, Job Announcements, Hot Deals, Videos, Website Priority Placement and so much more. 





    Member Discounts

    • Bulk Mail Stamp
    • Member to Member Discounts
    • Select Insurance Discounts


    Bulk Mail Stamp: your cost of mailing promotional materials can be greatly reduced by using the Chamber’s Bulk Mail Stamp. (200 piece minimum, additional details at the Chamber Office)

    Member to Member Discounts: Businesses offer exclusive benefits/discounts to other chamber members.  Members can add these discounts to our website.  Only chamber members will be able to view them.

    Select Insurance Discounts: Check with your insurance company for specifics. 

    MN Retailers Assocation: Representation on the Board of Directors.  MN Retailers Association (MnRA) is a non-profit trade association that works with retailers to save them time and money, while advocating, pro business initiatives at the state capitol.
                     As a retail member of Monticello Chamber of Commerce you are now automatically enrolled as a member of MnRA as well as the Nation Retail Federation (NRF) at no additional cost to you. This ensures that your voice is heard not only in Monticello but throughout the state of Minnesota and the nation.